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About Us

Sattva Life Skills provides alternative non-academic job training to young adults with learning difficulties, ADHD, ASD etc. to realize their full employment potential. It is an initiative of the PRAVARA Educational Trust, which was started in 2000. The Trust is dedicated to the welfare and empowerment of individuals with Autism and Other Special Needs. In its endeavour to help children with Autism and Other Special Needs, the Trust started Ananya Learning Centre in 2008, which provides therapies to and helps in inclusion of children with Special Needs in mainstream Schools. See ‘Partners’ page for more information.

Sattva Life Skills aims to provide high quality, yet affordable employability training that is aligned to industry requirements. The learning is highly tailored to each individual, with a maximum ratio of five students to one teacher and clear goals (both vocational and life skills) agreed with parents upfront based on a unique assessment of your child. These goals will be reviewed regularly and amended, as appropriate, as your child progresses.

Our Story

The founder of Sattva Life Skills, Madhavi Adimulam, is a parent to 17 year old Varun (ASD) and 16 year old Pranav.

Varun was diagnosed with ASD at the age of three, which was the start of Madhavi’s journey. The family moved to the UK and Madhavi worked/volunteered in some of the best special schools in UK and attended numerous training in educating children with special needs.

In 2008, Madhavi returned to India and founded the Ananya Learning Centre with the PRAVARA Educational Trust. Ananya is a Learning Centre for Children with Special Needs including LD, ADHD, APD, especially Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Madhavi is also the Founder and Trustee of PRAVARA Educational Trust.

She has over 15 years of experience in working with children with ASD, PDDNOS, NLD, APD, Downs Syndrome, LD and ADHD. Madhavi consults with NCERT (The National Council of Educational Research and Training), Delhi in ‘Including Children with Autism in Primary Schools.

She holds a Masters in English and Psychology. She is a Certified Auditory Integration Therapist from iLs, USA. She is pursuing her Degree in ABA – Applied Behavioral Analysis from Florida Tech Univ., USA.

Her expertise is in teaching Pragmatics, Language Skills, Cognitive Functioning Skills and Social Skills to children.

Our Vision

To empower young adults with Autism and Other Special Needs by identifying their potential and training them in specific skills so that they can realize their employment potential and reclaim their position in the society.

Our Mission

To run a skill development centre which leverages Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and other skills for empowering and transforming the lives of young adults with special needs.

Our Values

  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Lead with Integrity
  • Trustworthy & Reliable
  • Team Work

Our Objectives

  • To provide vocational training, real-life employment experience and a pathway to employers for future employment.
  • To provide bespoke therapy programmes for each student, covering functional academics, speech, occupational therapy, counselling and drama classes (role play job scenarios.) These will help to build social skills and independence in the lead up to future employment.
  • To organise training sessions for family, friends, corporates, schools and colleges to spread awareness of ASD and other special needs to help end the stigma and drive the agenda of neurodiversity in the workplace.
  • To find unpaid and paid job placements through partnerships with local organisations and to provide support and training to these organisations throughout the first year.