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Founder of Ananya and Sattva, Madhavi Adimulum, has been asked to present at the TEDxBITSHyderabad forum on 13 November 2016. The theme is “Dream. Think. Evolve.” Madhavi’s talk will cover the story of her son, Varun, who has autism and has been the inspiration for Ananya and Sattva as she “dreamt” of a world with better options, “thought” about how these could be delivered and then “evolved” those dreams into a reality that delivers early intervention, education and vocational training to over […] children in Hyderabad. She will also cover the lack of open dialogue around neurodiversity in the corporate world and how this ignores how much those with special needs have to offer in the workplace.

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October is ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD awareness month 
The 2016 theme is, “knowing is better.” It’s better for parents to know that ADHD might be part of the picture so they can seek out the help their children need; it’s better for young adults to know about their ADHD so they might arrange for appropriate accommodations in school or the workplace; and it’s better for adults to recognize their ADHD instead of feeling destined to a life of underachievement and frustration.

For all the latest information on ADHD and where to find support, please visit the website below.


Autism and gluten intolerence

There is a marked increase of gluten intolerance amongst those with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Simple Gluten Free Kitchen is a blog that is full of gluten free recipes and this month they have posted a gluten free Diwali sweets gift idea.


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